Managing Unmatched Source Files


Whitesource's database consists of open-source packages and libraries - more than 200 source languages are supported. However, some of the scanned code with the Unified Agent is commercial or non-open-source code. By default, these files are not stored in WhiteSource, and are excluded automatically from the scan. 

This topic describes how to store and manage these files in WhiteSource.

Storing and Managing Unmatched Source Files

To store and manage these files in WhiteSource, do as follows:

  1. Click the Integrate tab. The Integration screen is displayed.

  2. Click Advanced Settings.

  3. Select Manage unmatched source files.  

The unmatched source files will now be stored in WhiteSource. In the scanned project, a new library will appear: <ProjectName> Unmatched Source Files. This is where you will find the unmatched source files. 

These unmatched files will be presented in the Source File Inventory Report in WhiteSource portal, but not in your organization's inventory report.  You can always change the library of an unmatched file, and assign its license and copyrights.