Maven Integration


The configuration parameters that are specifically related to Maven include the following:

  • maven.ignoredScopes
  • maven.resolveDependencies (By default, dependency resolution is enabled)
  • maven.ignoreSourceFiles
  • maven.aggregateModules
  • maven.ignorePomModules
  • maven.runPreStep
  • maven.ignoreMvnTreeErrors
  • maven.environmentPath
  • maven.m2RepositoryPath
  • maven.downloadMissingDependencies
  • maven.additionalArguments
  • maven.projectNameFromDependencyFile

In case the following parameters are set explicitly in the Unified Agent configuration file (when the generic ResolveAllDependencies parameter is set to false), the Maven multi-module project should automatically be detected. 

  • maven.resolveDependencies=true
  • maven.aggregateModules=false

As a result, the Unified Agent will scan it and create a project per module in WhiteSource.

For more information, see the Configuration File & Parameters page.

Known Limitations

The 'mvn dependency:tree' command will run on your POM.xml file as part of the Unified Agent. It requires each of your dependencies to include a 'groupId', 'artifactId' and 'version' tag.