NuGet Integration

For projects based on package references in package files (PackageReference), the following flags setup is recommended:

  • nuget.resolvePackagesConfigFiles=false

  • nuget.resolveCsProjFiles=true

  • nuget.resolveAssetsFiles=true

For projects based on packages.config, the following flags setup is recommended:

NOTE: It is highly recommended to use NuGet version 4.9 or higher in this case, as the Unified Agent will be able to generate the corresponding packages.lock.json file for better resolution.

  • nuget.resolvePackagesConfigFiles=true

  • nuget.resolveCsProjFiles=true

  • nuget.resolveAssetsFiles=false

For both package manager formats, please set the nuget.runPreStep to true if the project is not built prior to the scan.

For more information, see the Configuration File & Parameters page.