Python Integration


The configuration parameters that are specifically related to Python include the following:

  • python.resolveDependencies (By default, dependency resolution is enabled)
  • python.ignoreSourceFiles
  • python.ignorePipInstallErrors
  • python.installVirtualenv
  • python.resolveHierarchyTree
  • python.requirementsFileIncludes
  • python.resolveSetupPyFiles
  • python.resolveGlobalPackages
  • python.runPoetryPreStep (via the Poetry Package Manager)
  • python.includePoetryDevDependencies
  • python.resolvePipEditablePackages

For more information, see the Configuration File & Parameters page.


Make sure that the project directory contains at least one Python extension file (it can be located in any directory, not only in the root directory).

Unified Agent and the Requirements File

The Unified Agent runs the command 'pip download  -r requirements.txt' for every 'requirements.txt' file that it finds within the project directories (the file can reside either in the root or in a nested directory).