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Create an Application

New Dashboard

In the New dashboard, you can create the applications to be scanned.

To create a new application:

  1. Enter a unique Application Name.

  2. If you have already defined an Application Template, select it in the Application Template dropdown and click Create to move on to the Advanced Options tab.

  3. Click Language and select the application’s language(s).
    Alternatively, check Auto-Language Recognition.

  4. If you want to define additional scanning parameters for the application, click Advanced Options, otherwise click CREATE.

Advanced Options

5. For each of the application’s languages, you can define vulnerability types, tracked input variables, custom filter functions such as sanitization, custom vulnerability rules, and other depth settings.

6. If you want to define additional scanning options for the application, click Miscellaneous Options, otherwise click CREATE.

Miscellaneous Options

7. You can assign triggers and define other scanning options.
8. If you would like to create a template from the application’s configuration:
b. Give the template a name.
c. Check whether it is visible to Users or Administrators or both.
d. Click SUBMIT.
9. Click CREATE.

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