Overview of the Web-Based GUI

WhiteSource provides an open-source security and license compliance management platform that enables security and compliance professionals to easily and efficiently manage and trust their open-source assets.

The Web-based GUI provides numerous options and panels to view and analyze the scans of open-source software in an organization's products and projects. Administrators can customize the system settings, manage the additional users' permissions, and configure the integration with third-party components.

The Web-based GUI provides the main functionality of the full WhiteSource application with a simplified, easy-to-use interface, and enables administrators to do the following:

  • View and analyze all the open-source libraries in an organization’s projects for licenses and vulnerabilities

  • Mark libraries of non-open-source code as proprietary to remove them from further analysis

  • View a list of all libraries containing vulnerabilities, and view detailed information regarding those vulnerabilities plus possible fixes

  • Assign copyrights, notices, and licenses to projects’ open-source libraries

  • Enforce policies automatically throughout the SDLC and get real-time alerts on critical issues

  • Generate up-to-date reports that enabling the assessment of open-source usage by maintaining a repository of open-source libraries or details about license approval processes.