Unified Agent Parameters Used When Overriding the Azure DevOps Services Integration Default Setting


This page describes the Unified Agent configuration parameters used when there is a need to specify custom settings of the WhiteSource build task in the Azure DevOps Services integration.

In this case, the default settings of the Azure DevOps Services integration will be overridden and the default values of the Unified Agent configuration parameters will be taken from the Unified Agent Configuration Parameters, except for the specified parameters below.

Includes/Excludes Glob Patterns

  • includes=**/*c **/*cc **/*cp **/*cpp **/*cxx **/*c++ **/*h **/*hh **/*hpp **/*hxx **/*h++ **/*m **/*mm **/*pch **/*c# **/*cs **/*csharp **/*go **/*goc **/*js **/*pl **/*plx **/*pm **/*ph **/*cgi **/*fcgi **/*pod **/*psgi **/*al **/*perl **/*t **/*pl6 **/*p6m **/*p6l **/*pm6 **/*nqp **/*6pl **/*6pm **/*p6 **/*php **/*py **/*rb **/*swift **/*java **/*clj **/*cljx **/*cljs **/*cljc **/*jar **/*egg **/*dll **/*tar.gz **/*tgz **/*zip **/*whl **/*gem **/*apk **/*air **/*dmg **/*exe **/*gem **/*gzip **/*msi **/*nupkg **/*swc **/*swf **/tar.bz2 **/pkg.tar.xz **/(u)?deb **/(a)?rpm

  • excludes=**/*sources.jar **/*javadoc.jar **/tests/**

Archive Properties

  • archiveExtractionDepth=2

  • archiveIncludes=**/*war **/*ear **/*zip **/*whl **/*tar.gz **/*tgz **/*tar **/*car

  • archiveExcludes=**/*sources.jar **/*javadoc.jar **/tests/**