Scanning with WhiteSource Prioritize

WhiteSource Prioritize has the following scanning capabilities:

  • Scanning an application project - Targets a single application and project folder in order to find effective open source vulnerabilities within your project.

  • Scanning multi-module projects (supported in Java and JavaScript) - Enables you to analyze large project structures comprising multiple project modules. It enables you to analyze the 'sub' modules, referenced from a 'main' module, without the need to explicitly specify parameters for each of the 'sub' modules.

  • Advanced Scanning modes:

    • Offline Mode - Enables you to analyze a project that is located in an environment not connected to the Internet.

    • Frameworks Support Mode (supported only in Java) - Enables you to analyze Java projects that employ a framework. Appropriate configuration of WhiteSource Prioritize for framework support is mandated where applicable.

    • Fast Scan Mode (supported only in Java) - Enables a rough analysis scan that returns results much faster than the default Precise Scan while keeping the shields' accuracy (with less granular trace for red shields). This mode can be selected using Command Line Parameters.

    • For additional advanced options, refer to Command-Line Parameters.