WhiteSource Prioritize


WhiteSource Prioritize assesses the effectiveness of security vulnerabilities associated with open source components.  Effective Usage Analysis (or EUA, the technology behind WhiteSource Prioritize) represents a unique approach to analysis by scanning customer code, analyzing how the code interacts with open-source components, indicating if reported vulnerabilities are effectively referenced by such code – and if so – identifying where that happens. 

WhiteSource Prioritize offers the following advantages:

  • Obtain rich information on security vulnerabilities for open source components

  • Verify that a security vulnerability reported for an open-source component used in a software project is actually referenced from proprietary code – indicating a real vulnerability

  • Identify the file and line number of the call originating from proprietary code that references code in an open-source component reported to have a security vulnerability

  • Visualize open-source usage, through a clear depiction of the trace (or traces, if applicable) of a call originating from proprietary code to the open-source code reported to have a security vulnerability

  • Evaluate reported security vulnerabilities against effective security vulnerabilities

  • Integrate advanced analytic processing with external tools, development environments and frameworks, through a dedicated API

Shield-based Indications

WhiteSource Prioritize’s shield-based functionality provide clear indications of how you need to act:

To get started with WhiteSource Prioritize, go to Scanning with WhiteSource Prioritize.

For an overview of the WhiteSource Prioritize documentation: