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  • Severity: The severity of a vulnerability is between a range of 0 to 10, and has three severity levels for CVSS2 and five severity levels for CVSS3.

  • Library: The 'Library' column provides information regarding the library that was detected as 'vulnerable'. Clicking on the library name navigates you to the library details.

  • Image: The image where the vulnerability was found

  • Cluster: The image where the vulnerability was found

  • Pod: The pod where the vulnerability was found

  • Vulnerability ID: The vulnerability identifier, which can consist of two vulnerability types: 'CVE' and 'WS' (see definitions on Working with Vulnerabilities). Clicking the Vulnerability ID link displays the vulnerability details, a link to MITRE source, the CVSS3 base score metrics (when available), a link to the library's CVE web page (when relevant) and provides a fix (if it exists):

    Image RemovedImage Added

  • Published: The published date of the vulnerability.

  • Modified: The modified date of the vulnerability.