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  1. Fill in all the required fields, select the required checkboxes, and then click Submit.
    NOTE: If the form page accidentally closes before you clicked on the Submit button then you can use the link in the registration email message that was sent to you in order to complete the registration process. Use this link only in cases where the form screen has been closed before the Submit button was clicked. This feature is only available when your GitHub email address is not marked as Private.

  2. You will be forwarded to the Bolt for GitHub Thanks for Installing page. Click the Go back to GitHub button to return to your GitHub account page.


The Issues tab displays all the issues that WhiteSource Bolt for GitHub detected with the red 'security vulnerability' label. This proprietary label indicates a security vulnerability was detected by WhiteSource. 


The information in the email message is identical to the displayed information on the 'Issues ' tab.

Initiating a Merge Policy


  • The repository has reached its daily limit of scans, and the next security check will only run on push commands that are done on the following day:

  • The push command was not valid. See the Initiating a Scan section for more information on valid commands.

Uninstalling WhiteSource Bolt

Uninstalling WhiteSource Bolt for GitHub removes it from all your repositories.

To uninstall WhiteSource Bolt, do as follows:

  1. Go to the Applications section of In your GitHub's account settings, and next (personal) settings, click Applications. The Applications screen is displayed.

  2. Ensure Installed GitHub Apps is the active tab.

  3. Next to WhiteSource Bolt for GitHub, click Configure.

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  4. The WhiteSource Bolt for GitHub page is displayed. Scroll down in order to view the '

  5. In the Uninstall WhiteSource Bolt for GitHub' button.

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    Click on the 'Uninstall' button. Uninstalling WhiteSource Bolt for GitHub removes it from all your repositories. area, click Uninstall.

  6. Optionally, go to 'the Authorized GitHub apps' tab, and click the 'Revoke' button next to the 'Bolt for GitHub ' app, click Revoke.