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  • Conda dependencies detection is now enabled by default - the default value for the conda.resolveDependencies parameter is set to true.

  • The Gradle dependencies' detection mechanism was improved significantly. As a result, the following Gradle parameters are now obsolete:  

    • gradle.runAssembleCommand

    • gradle.runPreStep  

    • gradle.localRepositoryPath

    • gradle.downloadMissingDependencies

    • gradle.wrapperPath

    In addition, the default value of the gradle.preferredEnvironment was changed to wrapper, to improve the scan results and align to Gradle best practices.

  • The Unified Agent now supports Yarn 2.

Jira Server &


Jira Cloud Plugins

  • The Jira plugins now support the automatic updates of tickets following changes identified on WhiteSource - whether the policy no longer affects the project or the library is no longer in the project's inventory.