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This page describes package managers manager updates for WhiteSource Renovate and WhiteSource Remediate.

Version 21.6.2

Renovate 953


WhiteSource Renovate

The WhiteSource Renovate OSS was updated from 24.119.14 to 25.48.0. These changes mostly do not affect Remediate users, which use Remediate-only mode and have not enabled Renovate.

Important changes:

  • Remediate will no longer read ~/.npmrc from disk. npm credentials can be configured in multiple other ways described in including environment variables or a configuration file.

  • Major updates for Docker dependencies will now be enabled by default.

  • Grouping of Node.js packages into a single PR is no longer hardcoded. If you are not already using the config:base preset then you can add group:Nodejs to your extends instead.

  • Patch updates are not considered updateType=minor by default, so any rules you have for minor need to have patch added to them in order to take effect. It is no necessary to configure separateMinorPatch in order to apply patch rules.

  • trustLevel is no longer supported and instead broken into allowCustomCrateRegistriesallowScripts, and exposeAllEnv.

Package Managers

The following package manager default versions have been updated:

  • git@2.32.2

  • node@14.17.1

  • elixir@1.12.1

  • php@7.4.20

  • composer@2.1.3

  • golang@1.16.5

  • python@3.9.5

  • pipenv@2021.5.29

  • rust@1.53.0

  • pnpm@6.8.0

  • dotnet@3.1.410

  • lerna@4.0.0

  • helm@3.6.1