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  • A valid license for WhiteSource for Developers

  • A license key for WhiteSource Advise for IDE, available via one of the following options:

    • If you do not have direct access to the WhiteSource Application, obtain the license key from your WhiteSource Administrator.

    • If you have access to the WhiteSource Application, do as follows (NOTE: This option is only available when using version 20.12.1 or later of WhiteSource Advise):

      1. Go to the WhiteSource Application.

      2. Open the Profile page.

      3. In the WhiteSource Advise - IDE Integration section at the bottom, select your organization.

      4. Copy your personal license key to be used later in Activating WhiteSource Advise.

  • PyCharm is installed and you are familiar with its basic functionality

  • Ensure the relevant package manager (Poetry/Pip/Pipenv) is installed depending on the project type. 

  • Ensure the pipdeptree package version 0.12.0 or later is installed in your Python environment.

    • In case this package is missing, WhiteSource Advise will automatically try to install it before a triggered scan occurs and remove it after a triggered scan completes (thereby slowing down the scanning process).

    • If you have configured a proxy, you must allow access to the PyPi public repository. Alternatively, if you are using a private registry, you must add to it this package so that it can be successfully installed.

  • If you are using the Requirements or Toml plugin for PyCharm, ensure you perform one of the following before installing WhiteSource Advise.:

    • Uninstall the plugin(s) from PyCharm. 

    • From the Project sidebar, right-click your project dependency file (requirements.txt, Pipfile, or pyproject.toml) and click Mark as Plain Text.

  • The plugin supports the following PyCharm versions:

    • 2020.3

    • 2020.2

    • 2020.1

    • 2019.3

    • 2019.2

    • 2019.1

    • 2018.3


  1. Start PyCharm, specifying the preferred project.

  2. From the sidebar on the right, click WhiteSource (if you do not see the sidebar, select View >Tool Windows > WhiteSource). The Welcome screen is displayed.

  3. In Email, enter your organizational email (the email domain must be licensed to use Advise).

  4. In License Key, enter your license key (See here for more information on how to obtain a license key). 

  5. Click Connect.


The About screen displays information about the Advise plugin's version, general information on your IDE, along with links for Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions.

Generating Debug Logs for WhiteSource Support

To generate debug logs, do as follows:

  1. From the menubar, click Help. A menu is displayed.

  2. Select Diagnostic Tools > Debug Log Settings. The Custom Debug Log Configuration dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter this text: #org.whitesource.intellij.plugin

  4. Click OK.

Debug logs will now be generated for the integration.

Upgrading WhiteSource Advise