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titleRelease Notes & Announcements Subscription Service
You can subscribe to the Customer Community Portal Announcements section in order to receive immediate email notifications on important announcements and product release notes. 

Version 21.3.1 (4-



New Features & Updates

WhiteSource Advise for IntelliJ IDEA,
WhiteSource Advise for WebStorm

An improved notification message is now displayed when no vulnerabilities are found in a scanned project.

WhiteSource Advise for IntelliJ IDEA

Added support for the "apply from" script plugin in Gradle projects, which can reference a dependency file contained within the scanned project or outside of it.
NOTE: Remote script location is not supported.

WhiteSource Advise for Eclipse,
WhiteSource Advise for Visual Studio

Beginning in this version, you can configure the plugin to alert only on direct dependency vulnerabilities (as opposed to both direct and transitive vulnerabilities).
WhiteSource for GitHub Enterprise,
WhiteSource for GitLab

For NPM projects only - Added support for remediation of transitive npm packages when a package-lock.json is present. 
NOTE: This functionality is disabled by default.

WhiteSource for Bitbucket Server, 
WhiteSource for Bitbucket Data Center,
WhiteSource for GitHub Enterprise,
WhiteSource for GitLab,
WhiteSource for

Beginning in this version, a new WhiteSource Security/License Check summary will be displayed in case a scan results in an empty inventory (as opposed to when one or more Security/License issues are detected).

WhiteSource Remediate Remediate sometimes, and Renovate often, needs to query for tags and releases (e.g. for release notes fetching).
Customers using Renovate especially will get rate limited by quickly if they don't provide authentication with every request. Guidelines on how to do that are provided here.