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This page is relevant only for customers using Azure DevOps Services integration or Repo integrations.


This page describes the Unified Agent configuration parameters used when running a scan via either the Azure DevOps Services integration or Repo integrations.

NOTE: When using a self config file in the Repo integration or when overriding WhiteSource configuration in the Azure DevOps Services integration, the scanner defaults are not valid anymore and UA defaults are the ones that are valid.

Configuration File Parameters

Unless explicitly specified in this section, the default value for each Unified Agent configuration parameter is taken from the Unified Agent Configuration Parameters page.

Package Manager Dependency Resolvers

Except for the below parameters, configuration parameters and their default value used in this integration can be found here.



  • maven.ignoredScopes=[] (is the default ‘provided’ and ‘test’, or empty?)maven.runPreStep=true

  • maven.ignoreSourceFiles=true

  • maven.ignoreMvnTreeErrors=true


  • gradle.ignoreSourceFiles=true

  • gradle.runPreStep=true(default value for ignoredScopes same as in UA default?)


NPM + Yarn

  • npm.includeDevDependencies=true

  • npm.runPreStep=true

  • npm.ignoreNpmLsErrors=true

  • npm.yarnProject=false


  • paket.runPreStep=true

  • paket.ignoreSourceFiles=true

  • (default value for ignoredGroups same as in UA default?)


  • python.ignorePipInstallErrors=true

  • python.installVirtualenv=true

  • python.resolveSetupPyFiles=true

  • python.runPipenvPreStep=true

  • python.pipenvDevDependencies=true

  • python.IgnorePipenvInstallErrors=true

  • python.runPoetryPreStep=true


  • includes=**/*c **/*cc **/*cp **/*cpp **/*cxx **/*c++ **/*h **/*hh **/*hpp **/*hxx **/*h++ **/*m **/*mm **/*pch **/*c# **/*cs **/*csharp **/*go **/*goc **/*js **/*pl **/*plx **/*pm **/*ph **/*cgi **/*fcgi **/*pod **/*psgi **/*al **/*perl **/*t **/*pl6 **/*p6m **/*p6l **/*pm6 **/*nqp **/*6pl **/*6pm **/*p6 **/*php **/*py **/*rb **/*swift **/*java **/*clj **/*cljx **/*cljs **/*cljc **/*jar **/*egg ","**/*dll **/*tar.gz **/*tgz **/*zip **/*whl **/*gem **/*apk **/*air **/*dmg **/*exe **/*gem **/*gzip **/*msi **/*nupkg **/*swc **/*swf **/tar.bz2**/pkg.tar.xz **/(u)?deb **/(a)?rpm

  • excludes=**/*sources.jar **/*javadoc.jar /tests/


  • archiveExtractionDepth=2

  • archiveIncludes="war", "ear", "zip", "whl", "tar.gz", "tgz", "tar", "car"**/*war **/*ear **/*zip **/*whl **/*tar.gz **/*tgz **/*tar **/*car

  • archiveExcludes=**/*sources.jar **/*javadoc.jar /tests/