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WhiteSource Advise supports NPM, Yarn and C#-based (SDK and non-SDK-style) projects.


  • A Windows or macOS machine is being used (Linux is not supported)

  • A valid license for WhiteSource for Developers

  • A license key for WhiteSource Advise for IDE, available via one of the following options:

    • If you do not have direct access to the WhiteSource Application, obtain the license key from your WhiteSource Administrator.

    • If you have access to the WhiteSource Application, do as follows:

      • For user level activation (Recommended option, provides more features. E.g. Direct fix for transitive vulnerabilities)

        • Go to the WhiteSource Application.

        • Open the Profile page.

        • In the WhiteSource Advise - IDE Integration section at the bottom, select your organization.

        • Copy your personal license key to be used later in Activating WhiteSource Advise.

      • For organization level activation

        • Go to the WhiteSource Application.

        • Open Integrate tab.

        • Go to Developer Integrations.

        • Open Advise for IDE.

        • Copy License Key to be used later in Activating WhiteSource Advise

  • NuGet Package Manager must be installed for .NET projects

  • A package-lock.json or yarn.lcok must be present for JavaScript projects