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  • When only projectName is provided in the Unified Agent configuration (as demonstrated in the above example), the Unified Agent adds the project to a default product named 'My Product'. This rule is implemented only when the default product 'My Product' does not already contain a project with the same name.

  • If the default product 'My Product' already contains a project with the name specified in the 'projectName' parameter, then the Unified Agent returns an error to the user with the message "Project <PROJECT_NAME>' already exists in 'My Product'. A 'productToken' or 'productName' value should also be specified".

  • If a multi-module project is scanned, and a project with one of the module names already exists under your product, an error is returned and none of the projects are created as part of the scan.

Running the Unified Agent in a Docker Container

The Unified Agent can also be executed via Docker container. A Dockerfile template containing different package managers (e.g. maven, npm, etc.) can be found here. The file includes installation commands that enable you to create a customizable run environment for scanning projects/files, plus a basic (editable) set of package managers.

NOTE: This option currently does not support Docker scanning.

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