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  • WhiteSource Prioritize scans are officially supported in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment with an installation of java-11-openjdk-devel.

  • The latest Multi-Module Analyzer version will be available starting 21.7.1 in a permanent link and can be downloaded automatically from the same link in future upgrades.


  • When the same nuget dependency was defined in both the csproj and nuspec, it appeared twice in the application.

  • In the Unified Agent, setting multiple archives in the "-d" argument sometimes led to incorrect results.

  • When running the Unified Agent resolution on a project containing a maven project, if maven is not installed and failErrorLevel=ALL, the scan (mistakenly) finishes successfully (with zero maven dependencies).

  • In the Unified Agent, the parameter gradle.additionalArguments was only being applied to a subset of gradle commands, instead of all gradle commands.

  • When scanning projects with the Unified Agent, and archiveIncludes and archiveExtractionDepth are were set, corrupted zip files resulted in null pointer exceptions in certain Java versions.

  • In the Unified Agent, the Maven resolver did not detect the dependency tree path when the Maven log was altered.