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  • A valid license for WhiteSource for Developers

  • A license key for WhiteSource Advise for IDE, available via one of the following options:

    • If you do not have direct access to the WhiteSource Application, obtain the license key from your WhiteSource Administrator.

    • If you have access to the WhiteSource Application, do as follows (NOTE: This option is only available when using version 20.12.1 or later of WhiteSource Advise):

      1. Go to the WhiteSource Application.

      2. Open the Profile page.

      3. In the WhiteSource Advise - IDE Integration section at the bottom, select your organization.

      4. Copy your personal license key to be used later in Activating WhiteSource Advise.

  • PyCharm is installed and you are familiar with its basic functionality

  • Ensure the relevant package manager (Poetry/Pip/Pipenv) is installed depending on the project type. 

  • Ensure the pipdeptree package version 0.12.0 or later is installed in your Python environment.

    • In case this package is missing, WhiteSource Advise will automatically try to install it before a triggered scan occurs and remove it after a triggered scan completes (thereby slowing down the scanning process).

    • If you have configured a proxy, you must allow access to the PyPi public repository. Alternatively, if you are using a private registry, you must add to it this package so that it can be successfully installed.

  • If you are using the Requirements or Toml plugin for PyCharm, ensure you perform one of the following before installing WhiteSource Advise.:

    • Uninstall the plugin(s) from PyCharm. 

    • From the Project sidebar, right-click your project dependency file (requirements.txt, Pipfile, or pyproject.toml) and click Mark as Plain Text.

  • The plugin supports the following PyCharm versions:

    • 2021.1

    • 2020.3

    • 2020.2

    • 2020.1

    • 2019.3

    • 2019.2

    • 2019.1