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  • Access to a working WhiteSource Application and a user with Admin privileges.

  • Access to a working self-hosted GitLab instance and a user with Admin privileges.

  • The deployment includes two environments:

    • A build environment where the image is built.

    • A deployment environment where the image is deployed.



The build environment can be the same as the deployment environment on which the relevant WhiteSource Docker images will be deployed.

Hardware Requirements (For Build and Deployment Environments)


  • Admin privileges:

    • Windows - The user must have administrative privileges.

    • Linux - The user must have root privileges.

  • Docker server version 18 and above. To verify the Docker version, enter docker --version in the command line.

  • From WhiteSource Support, obtain the WhiteSource Docker┬ádistribution artifacts - delivered as a tar.gz or zip file:

    • agent-4-gitlab-server-<version>.tar.gz

    • agent-4-gitlab-server-<version>.zip