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Downloading the Unified Agent and Configuration File


Notice on periodically fetching the Unified Agent

It is advised to use the below commands only once a week to download the latest version of the Unified Agent for performance reasons and not as part of every build. You can do this using a scheduler task, such as cron.


The scanner saves your required images and scans all the entire file system and installed packages.
It scans all the image layers, and handles archive files in the layers based on the value in the property 'archiveExtractionDepth'.

The Docker image is saved to the temporary directory defined in your environment , and is deleted immediately after the scan.

The scanning results are presented in a new WhiteSource project identified by the name of the image in the following format:  <image id> <repository> <tag>.
The project is created in the WhiteSource product specified in the configuration file or command line.

(Optional) Performing Manual Scanning of Images (instead of using ECR automated image pulling)


Pull Docker Images From Amazon ECR Before Scanning