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For Admins to Know: Ensure that the email link is opened in the relevant browser (Chrome / Microsoft Edge). The browser also marks these references in the relevant web pages. If Chrome or Microsoft Edge are not the default browser, then you must copy and paste the email link in either Chrome / Microsoft Edge. 

WhiteSource Advise scans web pages for open-source installation references. To perform these functions, it requires permissions to read and write on web pages. You must approve these permissions (no browsing history information is saved).

1. When the user receives the invitation email, click on the "download" button in Chrome and install the plugin.
2. If the WhiteSource instance is not hosted on, complete these steps:
     I. click on the configuration icon in the lower right corner of the plugin:

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     II. Click "modify" next to the destination

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     III. Change the URL to one of the following depending on where your service is hosted: 

          http://<DEDICATED INSTANCE>
          http://<ONPREM URL>

     IV. Click Save.
     V. Click the lower right configuration icon to exit the configuration screen

5. Enter the user's email and submit. A verification email will be sent.
6. Open the verification email and click on the "verify link."

Activating WhiteSource Advise via the Profile Page (WhiteSource Users Only)