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  • If while scrolling through the Attribution Report the users switch to other browser tabs then go back to the report screen, the scroll bar jumps back to the top of the page.

  • Locations for source libraries are not supposed to be shown in the report, as they may contain huge numbers of source files, with different locations. However, in rare cases, they do show the location of a source library. 

Licensing and Compliance Alerts

  • In certain screen resolutions, the Library column does not appear. As a workaround, you can change the screen's resolution. (added 20/4/21)

Security Alerts

Vulnerability-based Alerts

  • For organizations migrating from library-based alerts to vulnerability-based alerts, the email of the user who performed the last change in the alert’s status will not appear in the UI or the exported reports for License and Compliance Alerts that were raised in the old library-based mode (before the migration).

  • When clicking on the Vulnerability Analysis > Reported Vulnerability widget, the Security Alerts: View by Library page is opened without being filtered for the selected data.

  • When clicking on the Vulnerability Analysis > Effective Vulnerability widget, the Security Alerts: View by Vulnerability page is opened without being filtered for the selected data.

  • The order of the vulnerabilities in Security Alerts: View By Library exported Excel isn't the same as the one in the UI view. 

  • While working with the Licensing & Compliance Alerts page on a laptop screen, the Library column might not appear. This can be addressed by zooming out in your browser.

Library-based Alerts

  • When the same source library appears more than once with different source files, a discrepancy exists between the per-vulnerability alerts counter and the Vulnerability Report/Risk report.

Custom Attributes

  • Custom attribute values filtering ignores parentheses.  

Licenses Assignment

  • If the user was set as a product admin for any product in the domain/organization then he will be permitted to assign licenses for all of the domain artifacts that he can see, no matter if they belong to the product he’s an admin of or not.

Issue Tracker Integration

  • Generating Jira Server token fails when the organization’s name contains non alphanumeric characters.