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The old WhiteSource API is currently still supported, and is documented in the HTTP API page.

Note that when performing API calls, the time recorded for the action is in GMT time zone, therefore, this is the time displayed in the relevant reports. 


  • Get Product Licenses Text Zip file

  • Update project with JNinka result file (jninka.xml)


  • Get Organization Risk Report

  • Get Product Risk Report

  • Get Organization Inventory Report

  • Get Product Inventory Report

  • Get Project Inventory Report

  • Get Organization Container Vulnerabilities Report

  • Get Prioritize/ Effective Usage Analysis Report

  • Get Cluster Vulnerabilities Report

  • Get Organization Vulnerabilities Report

  • Get Product Vulnerabilities Report

  • Get Project Vulnerabilities Report

  • Get Organization Source File Inventory Report

  • Get Product Source File Inventory Report

  • Get Organization Alerts Report

  • Get Product Alerts Report

  • Get Project Alerts Report

  • Get Organization Attributes Report

  • Get Product Attributes Report

  • Get Organization Library Location Report

  • Get Product Library Location Report

  • Get Organization Due Diligence Report

  • Get Product Due Diligence Report

  • Get Organization Effective Licenses Report

  • Get Product Effective Licenses Report

  • Get Organization Effective Usage Analysis Report

  • Get Organization Bugs Report

  • Get Product Bugs Report

  • Get Project Bugs Report

  • Get Organization Ignored Alerts Report

  • Get Product Ignored Alerts Report

  • Get Project Ignored Alerts Report

  • Get Organization Resolved Alerts Report

  • Get Product Resolved Alerts Report

  • Get Project Resolved Alerts Report

  • Get Organization Request History Report

  • Get Product Request History Report

  • Get Project Request History Report

  • Get Organization Members Report

  • Get Product Members Report

  • Get Project Members Report

  • Get Plugin Request History Report

  • Get Product Attribution Report

  • Get Project Attribution Report

See Reports API

Library Locations

  • Get Product Library Locations

  • Get Project Library Locations


See Policies API.


Get Organization Policies


Get Product Policies


Get Project Policies


Add Organization Policy



Add Project Policies


Update Organization Policy


Update Product Policy


Update Project Policy


Remove Organization Policies


Remove Product Policies


Remove Project Policies


Reorder Organization Policy Priorities


Reorder Product Policy Priorities


Reorder Project Policy Priorities


Get Licenses

Groups and Users


Create Group


Create User


Invite User


Get All Groups


Get All users


Get Organization Assignments


Get Product Assignments


Set Organization Assignments


Set Product Assignments


Add Users to Groups


Remove User from Group


See Groups and Users APIs

Project Create / Delete

  • Create Project

  • Delete Project