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  • Get Organization Risk Report

  • Get Product Risk Report

  • Get Organization Inventory Report

  • Get Product Inventory Report

  • Get Project Inventory Report

  • Get Organization Container Vulnerability Vulnerabilities Report

  • Get Prioritize/ Effective Usage Analysis Report

  • Get Cluster Vulnerability Vulnerabilities Report

  • Get Organization Vulnerability Vulnerabilities Report

  • Get Product Vulnerability Vulnerabilities Report

  • Get Project Vulnerability Vulnerabilities Report

  • Get Organization Source File Inventory Report

  • Get Product Source File Inventory Report

  • Get Organization Alerts Report

  • Get Product Alerts Report

  • Get Project Alerts Report

  • Get Organization Attributes Report

  • Get Product Attributes Report

  • Get Organization Library Location Report

  • Get Product Library Location Report

  • Get Organization Due Diligence Report

  • Get Product Due Diligence Report

  • Get Organization Effective Licenses Report

  • Get Product Effective Licenses Report

  • Get Organization Effective Usage Analysis Report

  • Get Organization Bugs Report

  • Get Product Bugs Report

  • Get Project Bugs Report

  • Get Organization Ignored Alerts Report

  • Get Product Ignored Alerts Report

  • Get Project Ignored Alerts Report

  • Get Organization Resolved Alerts Report

  • Get Product Resolved Alerts Report

  • Get Project Resolved Alerts Report

  • Get Organization Request History Report

  • Get Product Request History Report

  • Get Project Request History Report

  • Get Organization Members Report

  • Get Product Members Report

  • Get Project Members Report

  • Get Plugin Request History Report

  • Get Product Attribution Report

  • Get Project Attribution Report


All requests require a token available via the API Integration page in your WhiteSource account, according to the request's context (organization / product / project).


  • Content-Type = application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet

  • Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=response.xlsx



Vulnerabilities Report

Get organization, product or project level vulnerability vulnerabilities reports in Excel or JSON format.


  • Content-Type = application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet

  • Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=<project name>.xlsx

Get Container


Vulnerabilities Report

Get organization or cluster level container vulnerability vulnerabilities reports in Excel or JSON format.