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Release Notes & Announcements Subscription Service

You can subscribe to the Customer Community Portal Announcements section in order to receive immediate email notifications on important announcements and product release notes. 

  • These release notes are for the WhiteSource cloud solution, and do not apply to the on-premises solution that has its own release notes.

  • Click here to view known issues.

  • This page is "dynamic" and is subject to change between official releases. WhiteSource reserves the right to modify this page retroactively. Check this page periodically between official releases to ensure you are up-to-date with all hotfixes, changes and additions.


Release Notes & Announcements Subscription Service


Version 21.6.2 (4-July-2021)



WhiteSource for
WhiteSource for GitHub Enterprise
WhiteSource for GitLab Server
WhiteSource for Bitbucket Server

  • Beginning in this version, the "whitesource\remediate" branches will be scanned.

  • An indication has been added on inventory count in Check Run when the scan completes.

WhiteSource Advise for PyCharm

  • WhiteSource now supports diff functionality for PyCharm.

  • WhiteSource added developer focus mode for PyCharm.

NOTE: The GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, and GitLab integrations in this version support version 21.6.1 of the Unified Agent. The integration in this version supports version 21.6.2 of the Unified Agent. The WhiteSource for Bitbucket integration in this version supports version 20.12.2 of the Bitbucket Add-on.

Version 21.6.1 (20-June-2021)