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  • Users encountered errors logging in to WhiteSource.

  • Project name or project token were mandatory parameters for Docker scanning unnecessarily.

  • Users were unable to delete roles when there were no roles remaining.

  • When the Inventory Report was exported to MS Excel, there was extra whitespace between the project name and the Direct Dependency.

  • When password complexity validation was enabled, users were unable to reset their passwords.

  • NPM/Yarn downloaded artifacts were not always removed in at the end of the Unified Agent scan.

  • In the Unified Agent, a null pointer exception occurred when scanning ANT-based projects with an empty zip file.


  • New and updated WhiteSource Prioritization documentation has been released. See here.

  • The R Integration page was deprecated and its content was moved to the Unified Agent Configuration Parameters page.

  • In the next version, the following pages will be deprecated:

    • Requesting an Arbitrary File

    • GitHub Related Topics

    • The License Identification page - its content will be merged with Changing a Library‚Äôs License

    • The License Analysis page - its content will be merged with Understanding Risk Score Attribution

    • The New Versions Alerts page - its content will be merged with the Project Page