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WhiteSource Advise for IntelliJ IDEA,
WhiteSource Advise for PyCharm,
WhiteSource Advise for WebStorm
  • Beginning in this version, you can configure the plugin to alert only on direct dependency vulnerabilities (as opposed to both direct and transitive vulnerabilities).
  • Plugin activation notifications are no longer displayed after restarting the IDE.

WhiteSource Advise for WebStorm

Scanning a project that does not contain any package-lock.json file now results in a notification asking the user to ensure the project is built before being scanned with WhiteSource Advise.
WhiteSource Advise for PyCharm

An improved notification message is now displayed when no vulnerabilities are found in the project.

WhiteSource for GitHub.comBeginning in this version, to improve performance, the integration will only clone the specific repository branch instead of cloning all branches before performing a scan.