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  • maven.ignoredScopes=[] (is the default ‘provided’ and ‘test’, or empty?)

  • maven.runPreStep=true

  • maven.ignoreSourceFiles=true

  • maven.ignoreMvnTreeErrors=true


  • gradle.ignoreSourceFiles=true

  • gradle.runPreStep=true

  • (default value for ignoredScopes same as in UA default?)


NPM + Yarn

  • npm.includeDevDependencies=true

  • npm.runPreStep=true

  • npm.ignoreNpmLsErrors=true

  • npm.yarnProject=false


  • paket.runPreStep=true

  • paket.ignoreSourceFiles=true

  • (default value for ignoredGroups same as in UA default?)


  • python.ignorePipInstallErrors=true

  • python.installVirtualenv=true

  • python.resolveSetupPyFiles=true

  • python.runPipenvPreStep=true

  • python.pipenvDevDependencies=true

  • python.IgnorePipenvInstallErrors=true

  • python.runPoetryPreStep=true


Except for the below parameters, configuration parameters and their default value used in this integration can be found here.

  • includes="c", "cc", "cp", "cpp", "cxx", "c\+\+", "h", "hh", "hpp", "hxx", "h++", "m", "mm", "pch", "c#", "cs", "csharp",
    "go", "goc", "js", "pl", "plx", "pm", "ph", "cgi", "fcgi", "pod", "psgi", "al", "perl", "t",
    "pl6", "p6m", "p6l", "pm6", "nqp", "6pl", "6pm", "p6", "php", "py", "rb", "swift", "java", "clj", "cljx", "cljs", "cljc", "jar", "egg","dll", "tar.gz", "tgz", "zip", "whl", "gem", "apk", "air", "dmg", "exe", "gem", "gzip", "msi", "nupkg", "swc", "swf", "tar.bz2", "pkg.tar.xz", "(u)?deb", "(a)?rpm"**/*c **/*cc **/*cp **/*cpp **/*cxx **/*c++ **/*h **/*hh **/*hpp **/*hxx **/*h++ **/*m **/*mm **/*pch **/*c# **/*cs **/*csharp **/*go **/*goc **/*js **/*pl **/*plx **/*pm **/*ph **/*cgi **/*fcgi **/*pod **/*psgi **/*al **/*perl **/*t **/*pl6 **/*p6m **/*p6l **/*pm6 **/*nqp **/*6pl **/*6pm **/*p6 **/*php **/*py **/*rb **/*swift **/*java **/*clj **/*cljx **/*cljs **/*cljc **/*jar **/*egg","dll **/*tar.gz **/*tgz **/*zip **/*whl **/*gem **/*apk **/*air **/*dmg **/*exe **/*gem **/*gzip **/*msi **/*nupkg **/*swc **/*swf **/tar.bz2 **/pkg.tar.xz **/(u)?deb **/(a)?rpm

  • excludes=**/*sources.jar **/*javadoc.jar /tests/


This section contains a list of all Unified Agent configuration sections (including their parameters) which are ignored when running a scan via the Azure DevOps Services integration or Repo integrations.