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Before you begin, note the following:

  • The native Jenkins plugin does not support NPM resolution through package.json.

  • The Jenkins plugin documentation contains documentation for General or Maven jobs only.

  • The Jenkins plugin is useful for Maven projects or for source file scanning.

How it Works

Once the build is finished, the plugin will determine which open source is currently used by your project and send it to WhiteSource.


Once the plugin is installed, go to Manage Jenkins →  Configure System.

Go to the WhiteSource section.Image Removed

  • Selecting the 'Fail on error' checkbox instructs to fail the build on a general error (e.g., network error) or a policy violation.
    Clearing this checkbox indicates that the plugin fails the build only for policy violations.
  • Connection timeout is measured in minutes. Default value is 60 minutes.


These fields are common to all job types. They are mainly here to allow different values for global settings.Image Removed


Environment variable support

Product name or Token

Name or token to uniquely identify the product to update.

Product versionVersion of the product to update.Yes
Check only new librariesOptionally override this property from global configuration.Yes
Force check all librariesOptionally override this property from global configuration.No
Force updateUpdates organization inventory regardless of policy violations. No
Override API tokenOptionally override this property from Global WhiteSource Configuration.Yes
Override userKeyUnique identifier of user, can be generate from the profile page in your whitesource account.Yes
Project tokenUnique identifier of the White Source project to update. If omitted, default naming convention will apply.Yes
Requester emailEmail of the WhiteSource user that requests to update WhiteSource.Yes
Connection RetriesConnection retries when unable to connect to WhiteSource service.Yes
Connection Retries IntervalWait time between connection retries.Yes